·         31st March 1912 – Born in Seraikela in Singhbum – the second son to the Maharaja of Seraikela – Aditya Pratap Singh and his wife Rani Padmini Kumar Devi.
·         1st January 1922 – The heirless Maharajah of Patna- Bolangir – Prithviraj Singh Deo adopts Rajendra Narayan Singh Deo in an official ceremony, held at the Sonepur House at Sambalpur. R.N Singh Deo is sent by Maharaja Prithviraj to attend the Mayo College at Ajmer, under the guardianship of Principal Leslie Jones.
·         February 1924 – Raja Prithviraj Singh Deo expires when Rajendra Narayan Singh is twelve years of age. The young Prince is recognized as the rightful successor. Patna - Bolangir is relegated to be governed by a Court of Wards.
·         April 1929 –RN Singh Deo is 17, passes the Diploma Examination at Mayo, standing first among all candidates. Joins St Columba’s College in Hazaribagh.
·         February 1931 – passed the Intermediate in Arts Examination, standing first among all candidates, from St Columba’s College.
·         24th April 1932 – Was married to the Princess of Patiala – Maharani Kailash Kumari Devi, daughter of Maharajadhiraj Bhupinder Singh Bahadur of Patiala.
·         3rd February 1933 – Invested with full ruling powers at the age of 21, by His Excellency Sir J.D. Sifton, the then Governor of Bihar and Orissa.
·         Late 1946 – Constituted a Legislative Assembly in the state, with the presence of a new political party – the Krushak Dal.
·         1st January 1948 – Signed the Merger Agreement with the Government of India, which effected the merger of the state of Patna with the state of Orissa.
·         Late 1949 – Formed the Ganatantra Parishad in consonance with the local people.
·         1952 – Elected to the Lok Sabha. Ganatantra Parishad secures 31 seats in the State General Election.
·         December 1955 – Resigns from the Lok Sabha after the Centre confers the regions of Seraikela and Kharsuan to the State of Bihar. Courts arrest for organizing Civil Disobedience protests in Orissa against the Centre.
·         1959 – Coalition Government constituting the Ganatantra Parishad and the Jana Congress comes into power. RN Singh Deo holds Finance and Industry portfolios.
·         1961 – 1965 – Served as Leader of the Opposition. In 1962, he merged the Ganatantra Party with Sri Chakravararty Rajagopalachari’s ‘Swantantra Party’.
·         1967 – Ganatantra Party forms an alliance with the Jana Congress, to come into power. RN Singh Deo is Chief Minister of the State.
·         December 1967 – His government passes the landmark “Orissa Freedom of Religion Act” that prohibited the conversion of religion of an individual by the use of force or fraudulent means.
·         April 1971 – Is appointed Minister for Political Services and Industry in the United Front Ministry that came into power. The Ministry collapsed early in 1972.
·         January 1971 – Leader of the Opposition in the State Legislature.
·         23rd February 1975 – passes away at 8.45pm in the city of Bombay.


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