Maharaja Rajendra Narayan Singh Deo

I pay my respectful homage to Maharaja R.N. Singh Deo for his vision, commitment, courage of conviction and struggle against all odds, harassments, humiliations, intimidations in laying the foundations of true democratic functioning in the country.
Brig. Kamakshya Prasad Singh Deo
Mahindra Bahadur AVSM, TD, ADC (Retd.)
Of Dhenkanal
19 March, 2005
Dhenkanal, Orissa




Rajendra Narayan Singh Deo, even as Chief Minister was affectionately called Maharaja. His was a household name in Orissa. He was sober, tolerant, democratic, humble and unassuming in his mannerisms. He had a polish of his own. He spoke softly, slowly and to the point. Abusive language was foreign to him.

Tall and handsome with blinking eyes and a radiant smile, he drew a unique personality, fit to live eternally in the pages of history. To write about him, one will have to run into volumes. He had so many facets and traits, each of which can be elaborated upon for posterity. He was an institution by himself.

Shri Amar Singh I.A.S (Retd)

“A light has gone out. Late His Highness Maharaja Rajendra Narayan Singh Deo was one of the most brilliant products of the erstwhile Royal Family of Seraikela. It was my privilege to serve him. I hero worshipped and lionized him since childhood.”


Pattayet Bhupender Narayan Singh Deo of Seraikela


“Through his whole political career his respect for democratic values was never in the wane. He did not shake an inch in the fight for the cause of Orissa and the Oriyas. His whole life was a dedication for the cause of the economic and social upliftment of the people of Orissa.
A parliamentarian of high order, a sober administrator, a man of religious disposition, a genial friend, a man with a great love for art and culture and above all a perfect gentleman. Men of his type are rarely to be found these days. In him Orissa has lost one of her noblest sons of the age.”

Justice Shri R.K.Das


“Indeed he was the leading light in dark hours. He brought a balanced judgment to bear on all the problems and predicaments in times of travail. He was punctilious with reading and read with diligence every word issued to him on behalf of the people. In spite of the exacting burdens of his high public office he was sagacious in his approach towards critical affairs – internal and external of his brotherhood.”
His Highness Maharaja Sri Raj of Dharagadhar



A politician of forensic abilities and a resourceful parliamentarian both at the Lok Sabha and the State Assembly. Mr. Singh Deo was an able administrator who was largely successful in fulfilling the obligations of several portfolios. As an opposition leader he has a constructive role. He had a magnificent personality and was far above his contemporaries. His personal character and integrity constituted the foundation of his greatness.

Shri S.N. Dutt


“Rule and Law was to him as sacred as the Rule of Gods. He would never deviate from that path. I have come across cases where he has stuck to principle even at the risk of the ministry collapsing. A unique character, he had faith in destiny and great devotion to his preceptor. His personal experiences of the occult, and his belief in the philosophy of Karma were awe inspiring.

Sri A N Singh Deo

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